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Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

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Sing it Dolly



calum would be a really cute “friend” and like if you were sad and didn’t want to talk about it he wouldn’t push you he’d probably just take you to the mall and buy that one big cup of pretzel bites just sit at a table so you two could share them while he makes dumb faces at you and tries to initiate a footsie game under the table until you finally laugh and he blurts out “you know…you don’t deserve to be sad”

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"It’s okay to put yourself first. It’s okay to cry in the shower, if you pick your head up and put on fuzzy socks and have a Netflix marathon to cheer yourself up afterwards. It’s okay to fall in love and not be loved back, and it’s okay to move on and realize you deserve just as much love back as you’re putting in. It’s okay to sleep through an entire day, and it’s okay to stay up all night talking on the phone until you both fall asleep and can barely mumble I love yous and goodnights. It doesn’t matter why, or when, or where. You’ve got to love yourself." - midnight thoughts (via foralaskayoung)

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